MMy Mission:

 "To provide superior entertainment and programs to exercise and delight the brain to prevent or reduce memory  loss"

My name is John Demand.  I am a former police officer, corporate security director and law enforcement trainer.  I now have the privilege and honor to pursue my two passions, piano and art.

I perform in the greater Phoenix/Scottsdale Arizona area and am available for bookings such as weddings, birthdays, clebrations of life, parties, wine tastings, corporate events, senior communities and anytime the ambiance of a live piano performance is wanted.  

Six years ago I was asked to play at a Memory Care facility.  That performance changed my life.  When I saw severely affected indivduals with Alzheimer's disease and dementia many in almost a comotose state come to life and awaken when they heard me play their smiles and joy on their faces became the greatest reward I have ever experienced. Since then I have made my personal mission to help memory loss victims in any way I can and more importantly prevent or reduce the effects of memory loss.  

Please explore my site to see what I am offering and learn the results both music and art can have.